Lunarwars is dead, and TEst forges on.

October 3, 2009 Posted by Jodo

Stick a fork in it, shits done.

Lunarwars and (lol) Galava are now done. Dead. Its all over except the crying. You can guess at the reasoning here, but the admin there has stated what his version is. Me? I’d like to think he finally just had it with the hackers, and not being able to live of the donations anymore (What? I have to work to buy my own pizza’s now? NO!). He actually had to do work to keep people happy, someone hacked in, and he raged to the point he pulled the plug. Bravo!

Terminus Est was born from LunarWars, so we do feel a bit sad to see it go. We knew it was coming, but still… we had a lot of fun kicking peoples asses in that game. With its death, we hope people can move on. To what you may ask? (clever segue) Why, Terminus Est’s very own game.

Its still in the very beginning stages of development. Planning, designing, and all that jazz. However, we’re of the mind that the community that is going to play it should have a large say in what they want to see. We’ll be posting up some ideas here and there, and eventually show some previews of what we’re doing. In the mean time however, visit here and let us know what type of stuff you want to see in the game. At this point we’re going with a Mars theme. Heavy base of war, alliances, and politics. As well as some sort of map/resource idea. Its all very up in the air, but if you played LW’s and stuck with it, you’ll likely also appreciate the simple system we’re going to attempt. Its widely known that Galava was far too complex for the average 20 minute junkie who plays these things.

So, be sure to check this page daily, as well as the forums. We’re going to keep on working on this until its done. Jimmerz is our little codemonkey, and as such he’ll be doing some posts here and well as looking at a lot of suggestions that people post. He’s a good guy, smart, and as much of a dick as I am. So, don’t piss him off. I hate to see him hulk smash you.

Unrelated stuff/links:
Masskill! Nice little song. Thinking of using it in a video of some sort. Of course, nothing beats some of our fan made videos. Yes, that is a blonde. Yes, it was our birthday. And yes, it was a surrender term we issued.

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